Jia Xu

Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Ph.D.

School of Computer Science

Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Big Data Security & Intelligent Processing

Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Address:    528 Computer Science Building, 9 Wenyuan Road, Nanjing, China
Zip code:  210023


I am looking for well motivated students to work on cutting-edge research projects. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome! If you are interested, please send me your CV.

There are post-doctoral positions in 2019, and I am looking for partners.

If you are interested, please send me your CV.


Aug.2019 Our paper "Incentive Mechanisms for Spatio-temporal Tasks in Mobile Crowdsensing" has been accepted to IEEE MASS 2019.
May.2019 Our paper "DUE Distribution and Pairing in D2D Communication" has been accepted to IEEE ICCCN 2019.
Apr.2019 Our paper "Incentive Mechanism for Multiple Cooperative Tasks with Compatible Users in Mobile Crowd Sensing via Online Communities" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.
Mar.2019 Our paper "Incentivizing the Workers for Truth Discovery in Crowdsourcing with Copiers" has been accepted to IEEE ICDCS 2019.
Feb.2019 SciSec2019 will be held August 9-11, 2019 in Nanjing, China. See Web Site: Call for Papers of SciSec2019 is available. Selected papers from the ones published in the post-conference proceedings will be invited to submit to special issue of the Information Systems Frontier journal.


Algorithmic Network Economics
Edge Computing
Wireless Charging


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